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8th of may 2017: 

After being a silent for a bit over here I’m ready to show you some new things in the near future. After skipping the aurora borealis season it’s time for something completely different. Target for this year is to photograph an active volcano. off course mother nature has to give me a show. But target has been set. Stay tuned for more about this.

Also searching for a new camera. I’m still very happy with my 60D camera but I want to upgrade to a full-frame camera.

Soon more picture updates…

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As you already saw I’m working on a new and better website. Unfortunately I have to do it in a live situation so you are noticing everything I do.. I apologize if some elements on my website are missing or simply doesn’t work properly…  yet ;)

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The photographer:

My name is Freek van den Driesschen. I’m a freelance photographer from Arnhem, the Netherlands. Most of the time I work on personal non-profit projects. For me photography is exploring the world on a alternative way. It’s opening my mind and it has no limits! I’m feeling totaly free in te field, no rules, no borders, just enjoying the world on a different way.

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Recent work:

Productreview: Muurdecoratie van Saal Digital

Al enige tijd ben ik bezig met een onderzoekje waar ik mijn foto’s goed, groot en kwalitatief perfect kan laten afdrukken. Dus niet alleen een high-end afdruk die je zelf

Sea Sparkle, Katwijk

The last few days it was extremely hot in the Netherlands with almost no wind. Nice ingredients for the Sea Sparkle. I’ve searched in the social media, looking for if

20160827 – Chase Arnhem / Emmerich

Well… lets start saying the 2016 storm season issn’t the best season we ever had.. There were enough storms in this year but not really interesting of chasing them.. But

Perseids 2016

August 2016… time for the Perseids meteor shower! Late in the evening I went to my favorite spot on National park “De Hoge Veluwe” to catch them! With succes!! :)