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24th of February 2016:

My personal Aurora Borealis 2016 season starts next week!
Armed with my brand new “Samyang 14mm 2.8” lens I’m heading again to the arctic for some Aurora hunting.
Stay tuned for some fresh new pictures of Aurora Borealis!


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As you already saw I’m working on a new and better website. Unfortunately I have to do it in a live situation so you are noticing everything I do.. I apologize if some elements on my website are missing or simply doesn’t work properly…  yet ;)

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The photographer:

My name is Freek van den Driesschen. I’m a freelance photographer from Arnhem, the Netherlands. Most of the time I work on personal non-profit projects. For me photography is exploring the world on a alternative way. It’s opening my mind and it has no limits! I’m feeling totaly free in te field, no rules, no borders, just enjoying the world on a different way.

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Recent work:

20160827 – Chase Arnhem / Emmerich

Well… lets start saying the 2016 storm season issn’t the best season we ever had.. There were enough storms in this year but not really interesting of chasing them.. But

Perseids 2016

August 2016… time for the Perseids meteor shower! Late in the evening I went to my favorite spot on National park “De Hoge Veluwe” to catch them! With succes!! :)

Scandinavia 2016 – Part 3

Well… After a disappointing night it was time to move on.. We decided to take a break after the long drives and short nights the last days… We tried to

Scandinavia 2016 – Part 2

So, after a nice start of the trip near the Lyngen alps it’s time to leave this beautiful area and start heading to Finnish Lapland… but before we went there I