My name is Freek van den Driesschen. I’m a freelance photographer from Arnhem, the Netherlands. Most of the time I work on personal non-profit projects. For me photography is exploring the world on a alternative way. It’s opening my mind and it has no limits! I’m feeling totally free in te field, no rules, no borders, just enjoying the world on a different way.

In my younger years I bought a few compact camera’s and tried to make some nice pictures of all kind of things. Family, dog, events, holiday and much more. I always carried a camera with me. They all were pocket size and easy to have with me. I always enjoyed being behind the camera. It was fascinating how easy it was to take great pictures!

In the year 2005 I really was interested to do more with photographing. A few friends of mine were already making pictures of dance events. Because I know them very well they sometimes gave me their camera to shoot around a bit! Wow! Awesome! This asked for more! Very soon I serious looked for a camera that could much more than my own compact camera.

So I’ve started serious photographing around the year 2006. Just bought myself a DSLR camera and started to make pictures. I never did a photographing training or something, just learned a few basics settings from some friends and by just doing and testing. I think thats the reason why I really have a own style with my pictures.

Back in 2006 my friends with camera experience gave me the chance to start making pictures in the dance scene. So my first principal was a large party community with party pics. This was already within 2 months after buying my first DSLR camera.

For Bikini2990 I did lot’s of dance events and created lot’s of experience shooting pictures in the dark. Also back in my garden I took pictures of everything I saw. My dog, a flower, a bee etc. Very soon I knew what my camera was capable of and know how to make my pictures. I followed my own “non written” course, learning myself to create nice pictures. After that I did some projects and tried to catch some other things. I think the power of my images is that I take my pictures from an angle you normally don’t see things. I’m always experimenting with new and different compositions to create an unique image.


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