FotoFanatic.nlMy name is Freek van den Driesschen. I’m a freelance photographer from Arnhem, the Netherlands. Most of the time I work on personal non-profit projects. For me photography is exploring the world on a alternative way. It’s opening my mind and it has no limits! I’m feeling totaly free in te field, no rules, no borders, just enjoying the world on a different way.

In my younger years I bought a few compact camera’s and tried to make some nice pictures of all kind of things. Family, dog, events, holiday and much more. I always carried a camera with me. They all were pocket size and easy to have with me. I always enjoyed being behind the camera. It was fascinating how easy it was to take great pictures!

In the year 2005 I realy was intrested to do more with photographing. A few friends of mine were already making pictures of dance events. Because I know them very well they sometimes gave me their camera to shoot around a bit! Wow! Awesome! This asked for more! Very soon I serious looked for a camera that could much more than my own compact camera.

So I’ve started serious photographing around the year 2006. Just bought myself a DSLR camera and started to make pictures. I never did a photographing training or something, just learnd a few basics settings from some friends and by just doing and testing. I think thats the reason why I realy have a own style with my pictures.


Back in 2006 my friends with camera experience gave me the chance to start making pictures in the dance sene. So my first principal was a large party community with party pics. This was already within 2 months after buying my first DSLR camera.

For Bikini2990 I did lot’s of dance events and created lot’s of experience shooting pictures in the dark. Also back in my garden I took pictures of everything I saw. My dog, a flower, a bee etc. Very soon I knew what my camera was capable of and know how to make my pictures. I followed my own “non written” course, learning myself to create nice pictures. After that I did some projects and tried to catch some other things. I think the power of my images is that I take my pictures from an angle you normally don’t see things. I’m always experimenting with new and different compositions to create an unique image.

Right now I spend most of the time to create images of extreme weather and astronomy. My biggest passion is stormchasing, I realy love it to go out, not knowing where my adventure will end. I started with it when a friend of mine asked to come along with him when he was going to make images from lighning. I have always felt interested with the weather and always in the mood to learn something new so I joned him. That day… That evening… a new passion was born. Photographing lightning. A few years later it became more serious and learnd a lot more about the weather. Now I’m always up to date if there is storm potention in the Benelux. Armed with my camera offcourse.  I’ll try to capture things like: cloud formations, lightning, etc.

I’m also very interested in the nightsky. Lot’s of people forget this. But every evening you can see one of the most beautiful art pieces in the sky.  Because of that I’m also trying to make nice pictures of this. Also with a meteor rain I get  out to with my stuf. Nothing is so relaxed to watch the stars and photographing them.




Canon EOS 400D mit Batteriegriff BG-E3

Canon EOS 60D


Canon EOS 400D + Body grip


Canon EOS 400D mit Batteriegriff BG-E3

Canon 17-85 mm


Canon 18-55 mm


Canon 55-200 mm


Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8



Tokina 12-24 mm


Samyang 8mm F3.5 MC Canon CS-II

Samyang 8mm F/3.5 MC Canon CS-II (Fisheye)



Samyang 14mm F/2.8 ED AF IF UMC


Tamron 70-300mm


Speedlight 430EX  + Diffuser




GoPro Hero3+ Black


GoPro Hero3+ Silver


Apple Iphone 5s (for extra timelapse options)


FF Velbon Sherpa 630

Sherpa +630


ff skywatcher_star_adventurer_complete
Star Adventurer by Skywatcher




Rollei Youngstar HD Action camera.


Canon Ixus 70