3 years ago…

June 18, 2018

3,5 years ago I got in spammed about an image I’ve made during a trip to Iceland. After ignoring it 3 times I started to think it should be someone who was desperate to talk te me about this image. I replied and lot’s of paperwork later I licensed my image for a campaign not knowing excacly what would happen with the image…

This month, 3 years ago I found by accident an image on the internet what looked like my image on a billboard on Melrose Ave, Los Angeles. It was my image! It was part of the Shotoniphone6 campaign. Wow that was insane and I really couldn’t believe this was for real!

From this moment a rollercoaster of social media started. Lot’s of people who found my image and started te send emails and personal messages  on social  media from all over the world. They told me they loved the photo in there cities and asked me questions about the image and how it was taken and they showed me how it was displayed by sending images… I am still very grateful for alle the images and the the lovely responses from all over the world!

3 years…. time flies!

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