My name is Freek van den Driesschen. 35 years old, born and living in the Netherlands.

I’m a very passionate landscape and nature photographer who wants to explore the world from another perspective. I like to see things differently and that is why I am able to create unique compositions. I’m searching for the rare locations, details and certain natural phenomena to capture.

My drive is to go on an adventure, not knowing where it will end and what I’ll be seeing. For me that’s the one ingredient, to come home with the most stunning images. I really like to relive the journey by watching my images over and over again. Then I can feel the emotion, the exact emotion, that went to my veins on the moment I shot the image.

Follow me on my journey and I’m going to let you feel my passion!


Back in the year 2005 I was really interested in doing something with photography. A few friends of mine made pictures of dance events. Because I know them very well, they sometimes gave me their cameras to shoot around a bit. It was so impressive to play with light, that very soon a passion was born.  Quickly after I bought a camera that could do much more than my own compact camera.

So I’ve started serious photographing around the year 2006. I just bought myself a DSLR camera and started to make pictures. I never did a photographing training or something, I just learned a few basics settings from some friends and the rest grew by just doing and testing. I think that’s the reason why I really have my own style with my pictures.

My first principal was Bikini2990.net a large party community with party pics. This was already within 2 months after buying my first DSLR camera.

For Bikini2990 I did a lot of dance events and created a lot of experience shooting pictures in the dark. Back in my garden I took pictures of everything I saw. My dog, a flower, a bee etc. Very soon I knew what my camera was capable of and know how to make my pictures. I followed my own “non written” course, learning myself to create unique pictures. I think the power of my images is that I take my pictures from an angle you normally don’t see things. I’m always experimenting with new and different compositions to create that unique image.


Canon 6D Mark II
Canon 24-70 f/4 L IS
Canon 70-200 f/4 L IS
Sigma 150-600 f/5-6.3 DG
Canon 50 f/1.8
Samyang 24 f/1.4
Samyang 14 f/2.8
SMC Pentax-M 50 F/2.0 (reverse)

DJI Mavic Air
DJI Osmo Action


GURU’s Top Pick – Winner in category: Powerful waterfalls – June 2019
Nominated for best weather picture of 2016 by Buienradar/RTL
Being a part of the world biggest photo gallery with the Apple World Gallery 2015
Being a part of #ShotOniPhone6 campaign (Wins 5 (!) Cannes Golden Lions)  2015
Talent of the Week by Zoom.nl (09-09-2013)
TVN: Picture of the Day (04-09-2012)
Picture of the year 2011 (Onweer-Online)