Being (too) critical?

August 15, 2018

Sometimes I don’t know the border of quality limits and technical limits. I know my own limits, I’m very sceptic about my work within all details. But what if that isn’t enough? How can I get my quality to a higher level with the best technical limited around?

As some of you know I’m going to Iceland very soon for some new adventures and high quality pictures and hopefully some Northern Lights. But while preparing, I noticed that one of my lenses had a problem and it’s gone for repairs. (Hopefully it’s back in time!) In the meantime I tried some other lenses with the “awesome” Dutch nightsky. But was I satisfied about them? No! One of the beste lenses around for the nightsky are lenses from Samyang. (I really love those lenses)  They are scoring te best at lowlight conditions and create almost non ghosting and strange distortion at the corners of the images. They are also affordable and very high end.

Last week I went to one of the last dark places in the Netherlands for testing some of the out and I was really annoyed by the fact that I needed to deal with distortion and ghosting at these lenses.

You can probably not even see it…

Is this te best quality I can get with this gear or am I starting to be to critical about them?


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