Is your image “Photoshopped”?

What’s the definition of “photoshopped” for me? Probably much different as for most persons. “Photoshopped” for me is that you add or remove things on your image. Replacing skies, make subjects better, create things that aren’t actually there or create a surrealistic piece of art. For creative minds everyhing is posible in software nowadays and …

May 25, 2021
C2020/F3 Neowise

This is something you don’t see every day… well actually, it has been 23 years when we last had a display like this.. I was 11 years old… I can remember that my uncle back in the days showed me comet Hale Bopp high in the sky after a birthday party. Since then there were …

July 15, 2020
In time of Quarantine…

Whats happening in time of quarantine… We all are rediscovering our self, doing stuff we ordinarily don’t do.. Go out only when you need to and try to avoid the Covid-19 virus. Even it’s a terrible time, I think is can also be a good thing… A little bit back to basic. Life is going …

April 18, 2020
Greetings from Scandinavia!

Just a sneak peak of some things I’ve seen!

September 29, 2019
Publication: Fotograferen in RAW

I’m very proud to announce that I can show you a new publication. My image has been used for the dutch learning book “Fotograferen in RAW” by Zoom Academy. This leaning book takes you in the world of RAW photography and tells you all the possibilities when you start using RAW. My image of the …

August 14, 2019
ICELAND: Interactive 360 images

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July 6, 2019
Iceland’s Hidden Gem
January 31, 2019
Greetings from Madeira

This year is fantastic! for the third time this year I’m privileged to visit a beautiful country to see her natural beauty. After seeing Basque country in. Spain, and Iceland, this time I’m visiting the flower island, Madeira, Portugal. What I’ve seen so far is stunning! Hopefully you can enjoy it to! Soon more images! …

December 4, 2018

Let me take you on a journey around the magnificent Iceland. I’ll show you her natural beauty with waterfalls, canyons, northern lights and much more. After the first release of images (see gallery – recent work) it’s now time for the video. The colors,  sceneries all the amazing things Iceland has… So enjoy!  

November 1, 2018