At the moment there are a lot ways to get fantastic artwork. You see a beautiful image but you can’t feel the story behind it. Some big companies have commercial interest of selling images and have sold thousands of them. Because of the mass production it issn’t unique anymore. All of those images have been manipulated in multiple ways and aren’t very real anymore. Commercial interest, I get it!

I offer unique images to display. Images with a story, images that I needed to fight the elements of nature to get. Thats why they have a original feel and look.  The product gets (and deserves) personal care before sending it into the world.
My work is original, real and created with passion and I give you a nice product for a fair price. I don’t have commercial interest. I make images because I like to take images and relive my journeys. I just want to give you the opportunity to be a part of that journey.


Metal Prints: This is a print on a aluminium plate that gives the most vibrant colours and incredible image clarity. The modern metal photo prints will bring elegance and refinement to any space. Because they are light-weighted, they are easy to hang to every wall. Metal prints are the perfect solution for both short and long-term displays.

Acrylic (glass) Prints: The transparent, glass-like support will make your images look crisp, highlighting the depth of colour and the clarity of detail. The glass in front of the picture gives a great depth in the image what gives it a new dimension. The print is printed directly on a sheet of shiny plexiglass. This kind of prints are mostly used for art galleries and photo expositions.


Limited Prints: Some of my work will only be printed in limited amounts. This will make the print more exclusive than others. Those prints will be numbered and signed. They also come with a personal note that give you some background story of the subject and the story of me, at the moment I’ve shot the image.

Customization: By default the prints are only available on metal or glass. If you have other wishes about the prints it’s discussable. Also is it possible to get it different crops like a square or panorama print. Please contact me about the options.

Hanging system: The self-adhesive hook is a picture hanging system that has been developed especially for flat plates, such as dibond, forex, trespa, triplex and other (acrylic) plates. The best memories captured on acrylic or dibond deserve a nice spot on the wall in your home or office. With this hanging system you can hang them everywhere. (The hanging system is sold separately)

TIP: Always clean the panel surface before sticking the hanging system on the print. Make sure you don’t stick it on dust or greasy surfaces because it will lose strength. After sticking them behind the plate let it rest for about 24 hours. (just to be sure). After the 24 hours you can hanging it on your chosen spot.
TIP: Use 2 hooks per panel. This improves stability, strength and it is easier to line out the artwork.

Purchase: Click the “Order print” button below and complete the form. After receiving your order I’ll contact you as soon as possible for the details. When finished I’ll make a link to make the final purchase.
All the prints are custom printed to an order. There is no ‘stock’ of any images. With the large variety of sizes that are available, keeping a stock of any image is impractical. Contact me in the form below and I’ll contact you as soon as possible. I’ll take care next of the complete process.

Guarantee: I stand behind the quality of my work. Any flawed or damaged prints will be exchanged without question. All returns must be in as-received condition and in the original or similarly durable and insured packaging. Please contact me before returning the product.

Delivery: Production time is about 10 (working) days. After receiving the product I’ll do a quality check. Next it will be shipped. (insured)