In time of Quarantine…

April 18, 2020

Whats happening in time of quarantine… We all are rediscovering our self, doing stuff we ordinarily don’t do.. Go out only when you need to and try to avoid the Covid-19 virus. Even it’s a terrible time, I think is can also be a good thing… A little bit back to basic. Life is going so fast, we try to be on multiple places at the same time and run around like it’s a normal thing… but is it…? Well, it was, but now it’s a good opportunity to settle back and discover new things…

First of all, I hope you are all safe and didn’t got involved with the Covid-19 virus.

Like I said, we are rediscovering, and so am I. I canceled a trip to the north in March, not only because the Covid-19 but also because there was almost no northern lights activity.

Now, with the travel restrictions, I need to find something that is more close by to shoot. As you probably know, I’m not walking constantly with my camera searching for shots. Mostly I shoot specific natural phenomena or landscapes.

A few weeks ago I went downtown to shoot some urban shots of my hometown. But because of our “intelligent” lock-down (so I am allowed to be on the street) lot’s of lights that display buildings or objects were off and the evening sky didn’t do her work properly

Now since we are stuck at home and made I a little macro home setup because I wanted to to some closeup dish soap shots and probably some other small object.

Armed with some basic home stuff, extension tubes (every photographer needs them and the are very cheap!), external flash, softbox I was ready to test some objects.

Starting with the dish soap. Well, after some cropping because of the narrow field of view to focus. (A soap bubble is a bubble so no flat area to focus on…) I was amazed by the intense colors that showed up. But, lot’s of reflections appeared on the shots.. something I need to work on.

Then, a spider walked in last week… a jumping spider. I’ve seen lot’s of beautiful images of jumping spiders, with there friendly faces and never had the chance to catch one. This was the moment to do because the macro setup was ready to go. So she became my model for a few days!

Lucy, (yeah, I gave her a name) was smaller than a centimeter and she did a perfect job! She gave me the opportunity shoot some awesome images. After a few sessions I set her free.. and I handled her with care!

Next up: better soap images! Or a new pet needs to walk in… any suggestions? haha