The new

April 1, 2018

When you become older things change. You can choose for changes or you can grow to see things in other perspectives. So it was time for some changes for me. I Bought myself a new camera and lenses and choose to go to another level. For years I’ve been written very long reports of my adventures with lot’s of images. This was really is something I liked to do but, I think that I missed the point completely. I did to much and actually I don’t thinks thats necessary. I choose a other path, to do it the right way (is there a right way?). Clean and to the point. There is no need to show everything, It takes to long, it gets boring, and you miss the main subject. I want to get a bit more diverse than only nature and landscape images that I posted. I show way more than that! The main focus will definitely stay there because It’s part who I am!

So stay tuned and thanks for al the support for all those years! Much more is coming up!



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